Top Productivity Apps

So 2016 has been fast pace and moving quite rapidly. You're another year older, a year wiser, a year closer to a fridge that restocks itself (let’s all hope). In the spirit of keeping up the paces, we’re resolving to actually keep our resolutions this year, and we’ll probably need all the help we can get. Imagine if there was an app that could make fitness fun, assist us daily to reach our goals, or streamline the logistics of being thriftier/healthier/more efficient… Oh wait, there is.

Here’s our roundup of apps to help get the most out of your mid year slump and make this year your most productive, fit, organised (and everything else) yet.

Drum roll, please.
for: personal improvement is a simple app designed to create measurable, achievable steps towards improving areas of your life. Whether it’s practical (eg. aiming to drink more water), or personal growth (eg. keeping a journal everyday), this app supports whatever you want to do more (or less) of. The approach for each challenge or goal you set can be customised, like what steps need to happen to get you there, choosing to be reminded/how often, even picking ‘life coaches’ (paid extra). If you can’t convince your friends to sign up, the in-app community is awesome for keeping each other motivated and accountable.

for: multitasking, teamwork, personal task lists

Maybe you need to prioritise your upcoming assessments, maybe you need to get on top of your summer schedule. Trello is a badass organisational app for listing, prioritising and managing projects. Personal or professional, you can add jobs to a board, and then move them through phases of initiation to completion (including backlog for the jobs you haven’t got to yet, and an archive to keep track of completed tasks). You can add members to boards, add attachments for ease of communication and filing, and even sync with timesheet apps if you need to keep track of hours. If you’re the sort of person who loves labelled Tupperware, Pinterest and to-do lists, Trello will change your life.


for: streamlining cross-app tasks, iOS only

 When it comes to automated integration, the future looks bright with Workflow. Where current processes fall short (Siri’s limited access to apps for example), Workflow steps up to the plate and makes life easier. This app allows you to automate stuff you frequently do, and execute with one tap. Some of function templates include; send text messages to set contacts with an ETA, ordering an Uber at a set time from the event you’ll be at (and order a pizza for pick up en route), set a reminder to water the plants once you reach home, even making GIFs from videos. Setup each task in Workflow - then just click to automate. You can even add actions to your home screen, and the usability of the whole experience is awesome. It’s the closest thing we’ve got to a personal assistant on speed dial.

Nike+ Training Club
for: fitness

 Classic resolution: getting fit. It’s hard enough for anybody, but Nike+ Training Club is taking some pain out of the experience. The usability is seamless, for a start. There are four goals to choose from if you have a specific need, plus a smorgasbord of programs ranging in difficulty, length and versatility. Customise any program or create your own, and all moves are accompanied by photo descriptions and videos by personal trainers for technique. There’s a newsfeed of the Nike+ community, you can sync with Nike+ Running app, and connect on social to compare notes with friends. If you want to look the part, you can even ‘shop the look’ of the toned personal trainers pictured. Well played, Nike.

for: budgeting, tracking expenses

Pocketbook is awesome for tracking personal finances and forecasting cash flow. The app syncs with your bank account and recognises recurring expenses and income. It also categorises non-recurring expenses intuitively, and puts spending into a graph (aka how much you spent on beer this month vs last). You can manually enter expenses too, and it keeps it all in a calendar so you can see what bills are coming up, and what income is coming over the month. Super useful if you’re ready to whip your expenses into shape, terrifying if you’re not ready to see how much you spend on ‘miscellaneous’.

for: saving articles for later, reading articles offline

The internet is a rabbit hole of information and opinions, spanning the full spectrum of pointless to entertaining to WTF to life changing. Following links is a sure way to fall down the rabbit hole, so an app like Pocket is great for practicing zen master levels of discipline and collating all your reading for later. The concept isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but the features of Pocket set it apart as a must-have app. Stripped back formatting; separating links you’ll want to revisit from the throwaway reads; offline reading; and, recommended articles intuitively picked from your content. Awesome for your commute or nighttime scrolling before bed.