about chip

Denise Chippindale is a Sydney based graphic designer, turned curator and self-confessed film camera addict... (Just ask her friends)
She is also a 'killer' dodgeball player and has a profound love for everything spotty, colourful and bold!

She graduated Billy Blue Design College Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Design (Communications) and has previously received her Diploma in Graphic Design (Digital Media) at CATC.  Her passions include illustration, photography and exploring places off the beaten track.


As a designer, she takes a lot of inspiration from the world around and is really inspired by other creatives which is why she is involved in organisations such as AGDA and The Design Kids

Clients and experiences include Tractor Design School3M AustraliaDodgeball Sydney, Art House Auctions, GPA Industries, La Parrilla Sydney, Red PropagandaNational Electrical and Communications Association and The Urban List Sydney.